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Posted by Linux on 2008/2/22 19:15:23 (2297 reads)

The final release of Slax 6 was released.
You can read about details Here.

slax-6.0.0.iso (196MB, MD5)

Posted by Linux on 2008/2/22 19:09:36 (2129 reads)

The Debian Project announced the release of third update of Debian Etch, the Stable Release. The main reason of this update is to add security updates.
For those who already installed Debian Etch, they can just add security.debian.org to their repository, and apt-get update && apt-get upgrade works.
You can read more details Here.

Posted by Linux on 2008/2/16 3:39:52 (1827 reads)

KDE Community announced the availability of KDE 4.0.1. It's the first bugfix and maintenance release of KDE 4 series, but as several users say, KDE 4 is not a suitable choice for users yet.
We should wait for KDE 4.1 to get an usable desktop, and I guess there is a long way to go.
Gnome still rocks

Posted by Linux on 2008/2/16 3:34:01 (2104 reads)

It's time for shopping, Huge Companies

Sun acquires MySQL !
Nokia acquires Trolltech !
Sun acquires Innotek !
Microsoft acquires Yahoo !
nVidia acquires Ageia !

Posted by Linux on 2008/1/26 1:00:58 (2427 reads)

The development team of Parsix GNU/Linux announced the final release of Parsix GNU/Linux 1.0r0 with the codename Ramon.
Parsix GNU/Linux is designed for desktop and laptop computers with some Persian features based on Debian Testing with the final synchronization in January 24, 2008.
For more information you can read the Release Note. Screenshots available Here.

parsix_1.0r0-i386.iso (680 MB)

Posted by Linux on 2008/1/25 3:09:23 (2293 reads)

A new version of xFardic, a multi-language dictionary which mostly used as a Persian-English dictionary, was released.
In this release, to minor bugs were solved.
To Download xFarDic follow the links:
Source Package
Debian Etch Package - Debian Lenny Package
Ubuntu Gutsy Package

Posted by Linux on 2008/1/22 16:26:46 (1878 reads)

Final version of FreeBSD 6.3 was released.
This release is continuing the development of the 6-STABLE branch and providing some performance and stability enhancements including solving many bugs and new features.
This release will be supported until January 31st, 2010.
To read more details about features and getting the newer version, follow this Link.

Posted by Linux on 2008/1/22 16:11:35 (1984 reads)

Canonical announced the second maintenance release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS which is including several Security Fixes and some extra Hardware Support for servers.
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS has the longest support period until June 2009 for Desktop Users and June 2011 for Server Usages.
By the way, if you already installed Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, you don't need to download the newer version. All you should do is to run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade", and you will have the newer version.

Posted by Linux on 2008/1/20 13:23:16 (2000 reads)

After a long delay, we are finally back
We were really busy during this time because of several reasons including personal stuff, so we couldn't update the website.
But we are back now, and we will continue updating the website as usual.
In addition, we will add some articles soon specially about Arabic and Farsi support in Linux.
Hope to see you here again

Posted by Linux on 2007/2/10 5:59:50 (3420 reads)

Have you ever heard about LinuxBIOS ?
Yes, easy to guess ! It's a BIOS powered by Linux.
Most of us using normal BIOS in our computers, and some of us tried EFI which is used in MAC computers, These days, LinuxBIOS is also going to being popular, but there is a long way to real success
You can read the interview with Ronald G Minnich, the creator of LinuxBIOS here.

If you will have Hardware Projects in near future, don't forget LinuxBIOS. It could be useful.

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