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Posted by Linux on 2005/10/2 21:36:43 (1087 reads)

Today the Website of OpenSUSE was defaced by a Iranian Security team.
Their message was about the Right of Iran for using the Atomic Energy and have right for continue the Uranium Enrichment Program. Also they want from Iran Government to quit from NPT as soon as possible, and continue the Atomic activities.
You can see the Image of this Defacement, Here.

Posted by Linux on 2005/9/10 4:39:32 (961 reads)

Yuuuhooooooooo, Gnome 2.12 released
It's a really good news for Gnome users ...
Lets tell you about its new features : It came with "Clearlooks" as default theme, "Path Navigation" was added to nautilus like GTK+ File Selector, Evince (PDF Viewer) is a part of Gnome now, A Clipboard Manager added in Gnome so you don't need to start your clipboard daemon manually and some another change in Gnome and Gnome applications that make it bright to just use it
You can find more informations in Gnome 2.12 Website.

Posted by Linux on 2005/9/8 19:26:52 (940 reads)

May you will be between Linux and other Operating Systems.
So we recommend to read this article
Five Reason NOT to use Linux

Posted by Linux on 2005/9/8 18:51:15 (883 reads)

You installed Windows XP Service Pack 2, and now you think you are really secure but in fact, is it really secure ?!?
The answer is : Never
The Trojans can works even if your Firewall has been active, by a simple trick !
If you like to know what is this trick, just see this Link.

Posted by Linux on 2005/9/4 0:01:58 (806 reads)

Do you like to test the Linspire for free ?
Yes ? So it's time to test it
You can download the Freespire (Free + Linspire) until 6 Sep. and if you are interesting to test it, don't waste time and start to download its ISOs.
You can read more about it Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/8/14 5:54:14 (1000 reads)

Did you know Microsoft provides an Installable File System SDK kit for writing FileSystem drivers ?! yes, it really does, and it's Here.
Stephan Schreiber wrote an Ext2/3 IFS driver with this kit which supports Ext2 and Ext3 with complete read/write operations and other features except Access rights, Defraging and some another minor things.
You can get this Windows driver from FS-Driver.org.

Posted by Linux on 2005/8/14 5:45:31 (925 reads)

May you forced to use Windows for some of your works, but like to have the Unix/Linux powers in Windows.
May you didn't find any way, or chose the VMs, or ... but don't forget Cygwin
If you like to have the power of Unix/Linux in Windows, this article can lead you in this way : Cygwin brings Unix to Windows

Posted by Linux on 2005/8/14 5:25:39 (969 reads)

If you are a C/C++ programmer, CSourceSearch.net is ready after about 1 year work of Robert Schultz on it.
With this website you can search for Function Names, Structure Names, Includes, ... in more than 110 melion lines of codes, and it's going bigger and bigger.
The important thing is that this engine can understand the C/C++ syntax and will show the best result for you
Link : http://www.csourcesearch.net

Posted by Linux on 2005/8/14 3:51:28 (783 reads)

Exploit code has started appearing on cracking websites for a critical Microsoft flaw less than three days after the patch was released.
Security Group of eEye have found two example of working Exploit which could give full access control of a Windows system.
Also one exploit was released by an anonymous author that will bind the Command Prompt to TCP port 8721 ! so it's an another critical hole in Windows.

Posted by Linux on 2005/7/27 16:05:52 (830 reads)

Arabeys annouced: Finally the translation of MandrakeLinux 10.2 (Mandriva) completed.
It's needed to thanks from Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj and special thanks from Ossama Khayat who did the majority of this project.

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