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Posted by Linux on 2005/4/18 17:32:13 (620 reads)

According to the Nielsen/NetRatings report, Firefox Site has 237% more visits from 9 months ago.
Also the 71% of Visitors of this site are Men. (Do you know Why ?)
Now Firefox is one of the most popular Web Browsers in Linux and even Windows World.

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/18 17:16:33 (813 reads)

Linux Magazine Wrote a Interview with Branden Robinson.
Branden Robinson is the Winner of Debian Project Leader (DPL) Election for year 2005.
You can read this Interview Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/18 17:05:38 (830 reads)

Debian provides the fifth update of Debian Woody which mainly contains some security updates for Stable release, along with a few corrections to serious problems.
Those who frequently update from security.debian.org won't have to update many packages and most updates from security.debian.org are included in this update.
For details, see Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/17 2:28:11 (542 reads)

The first version of Mandriva after Change the name of MandrakeLinux has released.
This version is base on x86_64 arch. and optimized to be faster.
For Example KDE runs 10% faster in this version.
For more details see Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/17 1:59:57 (618 reads)

Novell has released a Live DVD edition of SuSE 9.3
For Home users and Desktop uses SuSE is one of the best choices in Linux World.
It will do your works with YaST as simple as you think ...
This Live DVD will boot directly from DVD without need to Installing and you can review this OS. For more details see README-File
SuSE 9.3 Live DVD - i386 (1,412MB)
SuSE 9.3 Live DVD - AMD64

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/17 1:47:07 (498 reads)

Munich hopes to complete its migration ro Linux before 2008.
It has selected two local German software companies to equip all 14,000 computers in its public administration with Linux and other open-source office applications.
Softcon AG and Gonicus GmbH are these companies.
Read more Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/15 3:09:01 (546 reads)

Do you like to take part in a Wireless Infrastructure and Services in Iraq ? so ...
Opportunities for wireless companies in the implementation of wireless infrastructure and services in Iraq.
26th & 27th January 2005
For more information take a see Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/15 1:33:25 (547 reads)

Adobe has released Acrobat Reader 7 (PDF Reader) for the Linux OS.
There isn't any news about open sourcing it yet but it seems they started.
You can Download it Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/14 4:20:13 (623 reads)

Developers of Debian Project Choosed a new Leader for this year.
According to Election Results, Branden Robinson is the 2005 Debian Project leader.
We congratulate him for his success. You can see Brandon Robinson's 2005 DPL Candidate Platform Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/13 3:57:11 (807 reads)

BERKELEY, Calif. Experts from a consortium of colleges will lead a far-reaching effort to keep the United States' computer data safe from cyber attack, the National Science Foundation announced Monday.
The effort comes after a flurry of security breaches ...
Read more Here

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