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Posted by Linux on 2008/2/22 19:09:36 (2138 reads)

The Debian Project announced the release of third update of Debian Etch, the Stable Release. The main reason of this update is to add security updates.
For those who already installed Debian Etch, they can just add security.debian.org to their repository, and apt-get update && apt-get upgrade works.
You can read more details Here.

Posted by Linux on 2006/10/29 6:46:19 (1065 reads)

Joey Schulze has announced the availability of a third revision of the stable Debian GNU/Linux 3.1, code name 'sarge'
"The Debian project has updated the stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 3.1. This update mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with a few corrections to serious problems."

Posted by Anonymous on 2006/10/29 6:37:21 (1126 reads)

Debian etch beta3 installation using graphical interface this is really nice installation walkthrough with each step screenshots.
This is new feature in debian upcoming release version called etch. This article contains nearly 50 images of this installation process.

Read Full article here

Posted by Linux on 2006/5/9 5:13:00 (1309 reads)

Did you see the Debian Graphical Installer ?
What about it's arabic support ?
Lets go to check some of screenshots
Arabeyes Art Website

Posted by Linux on 2005/6/7 4:43:00 (951 reads)

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (Codenamed "Sarge") has been released.
After about 3 years, the next version of debian released as Stable.
It was a very good news for Debian users untill Debian Woody was very
old and just was suitable for Servers.
Also there is a very long Release Note that you can read it.

Read More... | 849 bytes more | Comments?

Posted by Linux on 2005/5/9 2:15:04 (783 reads)

What does Freez mean ? As you know, the stable version of Debian is Woody !
It's very old but suitable for Server purposes. the next candidate for going stable is Sarge. but before going stable it will Freez. In this way, it will not update, but just for decrease the Bugs.
According to one Message of Debian Mailing list, in 30 May 2005 it will release as the Stable.
It's a very good news for Debian users

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/24 17:02:29 (849 reads)

According to Andreas Jochens' Message to Debian Mailing list, Most of Debian Sarge Packages built on AMD64 without any problem.
Currently Debian Sarge ships with its Sources that are capable of being used to build packages for other Architectures like AMD64. but unfortunately this Architecture is not available as Offical.
Andreas suggested the binary port maintain by the Debian AMD64 team and stored on Alioth.

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/23 22:44:05 (803 reads)

Gnome 2.10 Packages are available for Debian.
These are Currently Exprimental and under test.
However you should be aware that this build depends on a new glibc which some people have some problems with.
If you care to use, take a see Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/18 17:16:33 (814 reads)

Linux Magazine Wrote a Interview with Branden Robinson.
Branden Robinson is the Winner of Debian Project Leader (DPL) Election for year 2005.
You can read this Interview Here

Posted by Linux on 2005/4/18 17:05:38 (831 reads)

Debian provides the fifth update of Debian Woody which mainly contains some security updates for Stable release, along with a few corrections to serious problems.
Those who frequently update from security.debian.org won't have to update many packages and most updates from security.debian.org are included in this update.
For details, see Here

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