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Posted by Linux on 2008/2/16 3:34:01 (2109 reads)

It's time for shopping, Huge Companies

Sun acquires MySQL !
Nokia acquires Trolltech !
Sun acquires Innotek !
Microsoft acquires Yahoo !
nVidia acquires Ageia !

Posted by Linux on 2008/1/20 13:23:16 (2003 reads)

After a long delay, we are finally back
We were really busy during this time because of several reasons including personal stuff, so we couldn't update the website.
But we are back now, and we will continue updating the website as usual.
In addition, we will add some articles soon specially about Arabic and Farsi support in Linux.
Hope to see you here again

Posted by Linux on 2006/5/12 19:52:37 (1223 reads)

Most of the times, you find reviews and compares between Windows XP and Linux.
But this time, lXer website provided a review between Ubuntu, Macintosh and Windows XP.
I think it was so better if the reviewer adds some screenshots
Read this review at lXer Website.

Posted by Linux on 2006/1/1 2:36:38 (1090 reads)

Another year finished, and another year started. May we can have a better start, too.
Happy New Year of 2006, and I hope have more Linux Users, Linux Projects, etc in this year.
Have a good time, and enjoy it as much as you can

Posted by Anonymous on 2005/11/22 2:48:35 (1398 reads)

We [bentiba], at the Etisalat University College, EUC, would like to organize a 2-day Linux and Open Sources Applications Workshop, LOSAW2006, sometime in March/April 2006.

The main categories of the workshop will be, and not limited to, the efficient use of Linux and Open Sources Applications Workshop in the following categories:


Read More... | 1685 bytes more | Comments?

Posted by Linux on 2005/11/14 3:04:53 (1027 reads)

The Jem Report has published a review for FreeBSD 6.0
In this Review, we read :

The FreeBSD operating system is finally through it's buggy 5.x series and into the more reliable 6.x series. Most of the problems ...

You can read this Review, Here.

Posted by Linux on 2005/9/8 19:26:52 (940 reads)

May you will be between Linux and other Operating Systems.
So we recommend to read this article
Five Reason NOT to use Linux

Posted by Linux on 2005/8/14 5:54:14 (1000 reads)

Did you know Microsoft provides an Installable File System SDK kit for writing FileSystem drivers ?! yes, it really does, and it's Here.
Stephan Schreiber wrote an Ext2/3 IFS driver with this kit which supports Ext2 and Ext3 with complete read/write operations and other features except Access rights, Defraging and some another minor things.
You can get this Windows driver from FS-Driver.org.

Posted by Linux on 2005/8/14 5:25:39 (969 reads)

If you are a C/C++ programmer, CSourceSearch.net is ready after about 1 year work of Robert Schultz on it.
With this website you can search for Function Names, Structure Names, Includes, ... in more than 110 melion lines of codes, and it's going bigger and bigger.
The important thing is that this engine can understand the C/C++ syntax and will show the best result for you
Link : http://www.csourcesearch.net

Posted by Linux on 2005/5/29 15:41:44 (994 reads)

Linux Journal like the other years started a Voting to choose the best Linux Applications of the Year.
The first round is now available for all Linux users and by e-mail.
You can use this Ballot for Vote (until 27 June 2005).

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