The main advantages of Rugged portable Computer over desktop PCs include:

Rugged package for hash field and travel

More expansion slots for PCI, PCI-E card

More drive bays for hard drives, CD/DVD-RW drives

All-in-one portable and luggable unit, and desktop performance

Detachable and foldable keyboard


It is a compact and rugged portable computer, Chassis with a built-in LCD display and a handle on top,? It can be configured to be whatever you need it to be (Motherboard or Single Board types of Computers) and carried to wherever you go.

ATX motherboards, SBC+PBP, CompactPCI, PXI

More hard drives, CD/DVD-RW drives

More slots for Video Capture card, LAN cards,… and other specialty cards for applications that can be realized in a portable chassis

More slots for for RS232, USB, 1394,...and other specified I/O ports for connecting with other devices

More power capacity than notebook PC for applications implementation